Achievements of our students and staff

Achievements in Sports
  1. Yoga:

    Randhirsinh Chaudhari of B. Com. III, stood 1st in zonal Yog competition.

  2. Cricket:

    Ms. Geeta Salokhe of B. A. III and Ms. Deepali Kesarkar of B. Com. III, selected in national cricket team. They have played in several interstate, national and international cricket tournaments.

  3. Rockball:

    Ms. Geeta Salokhe of B. A. III, selected in national rockball team. She has played in several national rockball tournaments held in Haryana.

  4. Bodybuilding:
    1. Pramod Ingale of B. A. III, stood 2nd in zonal bodybuilding tournament.
    2. Gautam Kamble of B. Com. III, stood 3rd in zonal bodybuilding tournament.