Admission - Fee Structure

Fee Structure of Dr. J. P. N. Mahavidyalaya

Dr. J. P. N. Mahavidyalaya is affiliated with Shivaji University, Kolhapur. The fees charged is as per norms of the government and university.

Documents Required
  1. School leaving certificate (original and two attested copies)
  2. Mark sheet of HSC exam (original and two attested copies)
  3. Students who have passed D. T. Ed. Or T. C. H. should submit their original SSC mark sheet, leaving certificate (also their 4 attested copies).
  4. Four identity size photos for ID card, Library Card etc. Students who do not belong to Maharashtra state must submit their migration certificate.
  5. Reservation for reserved quota is given as per University norms. For more details, contact office.

Sr. No. Description of Fees B. A. / B. Com. Part - I B. A. / B. Com. Part - II B. A. / B. Com. Part - III
1. Admission Fees Rs.10 Rs.10 Rs.10
2. Education Fees (for Sem 1 & 2) Rs.2500 Rs.3000 Rs.4000
3. University Pro-rata Rs.25 Rs.25 Rs.25
4. Youth Festival Rs.50 Rs.50 Rs.50
5. Internet Facility Charge Rs.50 Rs.50 Rs.50
6. Library Fees Rs.50 Rs.50 Rs.50
7. Development Fees Rs.50 Rs.50 Rs.50
8. Gym Rs.80 Rs.80 Rs.80
9. Identity Card (1st year only) Rs.45 - -
10. Caution Money (1st year only) Rs.10 - -
11. Student Support Fund Rs.10 Rs.10 Rs.10
12. Ashwamedh Fees Rs.24 Rs.24 Rs.24
13. Accidental Insurance Protection Rs.25 Rs.25 Rs.25
14. Lead College Charges Rs.25 Rs.25 Rs.25
15. Library Card Rs.16 Rs.16 Rs.16
16. Eligibility Charges (1st Year only) Rs.75 - -
17. Environmental Science Studies Charges - Rs.250 -
18. Magazine Fund Rs.40 Rs.40 Rs.40
19. Emergency Fund Rs.10 Rs.10 Rs.10
20. NSS Charges Rs.10 Rs.10 Rs.10
21. Zonal Pro-rata Rs.5 Rs.5 Rs.5
TOTAL Rs.3110 Rs.3730 Rs.4480